Current Prayer Requests

Thank you for praying for us!

The process from deciding to come to raising support to living in Malawi has been unbelievably humbling for us. We came here realizing that we did not have the wisdom, finances and strength to accomplish the task – and we have seen God provide for us every step of the way. Will you continue join with us in prayer, asking for the things that we need and the things that please God?

Here are some specific prayer requests have right now (updated 4/6/18, new items in purple):


  • Pray for our move back to Spokane. That we would find a good (and cost effective) solution for moving our things and that God would provide for our financial needs during this time.
  • That we would transition well back to America. Transitions are hard for us and we expect to face some reverse culture shock and challenges with it.
  • That we would be a blessing to Heritage Bible Church this summer as Chris interns there.
  • Jobs, health insurance and housing for when we return to Spokane.
  • We have tickets back to the states, we leave Malawi on May 17th! Pray for our remaining time in Malawi, that our hearts would be set to finish the task and not be distracted with “going home.” (See this post for details about our plans)
  • Provision for administrative help for CAPA and for a Hebrew teacher (possibly a graduating MDiv student who will teach next year).
  • Wisdom to adequately set up the next administrative help and Hebrew teacher.
  • Intentionally investing in our relationships here and maintaining them when we leave – this is a challenge but we are committed to doing this!
  • Pray for the CAPA students and professors. It’s the second semester already (the final for the Masters year 3 students!) and very busy for everyone. Pray that the students would learn the material well but mostly grow in their understanding of the Word and in Christlike character. Pray that the professors would teach well and be wise with student issues and their own hearts before the Lord.
  • Pray that we will be a blessing to the other missionaries, the pastors in the seminary and all the others we come in contact with in Malawi. We want to serve, love and to pour our lives out while we can! Please pray that we would be useful for the kingdom of God while we are here!
  • Pray that we would be daily finding our joy in Christ and being dependent on the strength of the Holy Spirit. It is easy to become anxious and self-reliant.
  • Growth in our marriage while we’re here.
  • Direction for future ministry (post-Malawi and post-Seminary). It’s no secret that we expect this year to help mold our vision for future ministry. Pray that we would be open to whatever God has for us and that we would have a firmer direction at the end of our time here. 


  • Prayer for sweet times in fellowship with the Lord in word and prayer.
  • Ashley’s RA is not as under control as we want. She is on a higher dose than we would want of a medicine with bad long-term side-effects. Pray for endurance, strength and healing! (See answers to prayer, this is much improved!)
  • Wisdom in figuring out good medical solutions when returning to the States.
  • Pray for strength and help to complete administrative tasks for CAPA and the church (International Bible Fellowship) quickly and with attention to detail.
  • Pray for spiritual growth, that the physical trials would not be wasted and she would draw closer to Christ in this time.


  • Prayer for sweet times in fellowship with the Lord in word and prayer.
  • Prayer for help in dealing with sin that God has exposed through the time here. That he would be able to kill it to useful and effective in the service of the Lord.
  • Prayer for wisdom in how to teach what the students need for Hebrew Sermon Prep (his second semester class). That he would be able to communicate clearly and effectively in this and other classes he is teaching.
  • Prayer for humility in working with other members of the team and submission to leaders and a heart to serve.
  • Wisdom and humility in when to rest.
  • Prayer that Chris would be gracious and kind with others even when he feels like he needs to get things done.

Answers to Prayer

  • We have both been growing in our knowledge and love for Jesus and the gospel this year. The hard things have driven us to Christ and we’re grateful for that!
  • Ashley’s RA is much more under control after making some diet changes earlier this year.
  • God helped us have a restful, peaceful and sweet holiday time. We got to spend time with some of the team who stayed in Malawi for the holidays and with some new Malawian friends. We were certainly homesick but it wasn’t overwhelming.
  • We made it through hot season! It is still hot but rainy season has started and is bringing frequent rains that siginficantly cool things down. It’s so nice!
  • Chris’ TEP process has been completed so we have current Visas to be here this year!
  • The Hebrew intensive in August seemed to go very well.
  • Chris has been able to be helpful to the team here and is working hard at getting all of his projects completed which is a big help to CAPA.
  • The team here is amazing and we are growing in friendship with them already!
  • All of our luggage arrived in Malawi with us, nothing was lost or broken!
  • We needed storage for our stuff (so we don’t have to replace everything when we return). A friend offered to let us use her garage to store our belongings! Praise God!
  • Chris finished all of his end of semester assignments. There was a LOT of work to get done and it GOT DONE!
  • Ashley’s surgery went well and she is recovered! (Surgery was in May)
  • Workable solutions seem to have been found for medication in Malawi (she has rheumatoid arthritis)
  • We reached 100% support!!!

3 thoughts on “Current Prayer Requests

  1. Sharon Mullins

    Did you eat the rooster? We had to eat something so plane like turkey. We were a small group. Melinda and Paul went to Tiffany’s along with your parents. Misty and the kids come over that was
    really nice to see them.
    We got some kitten that hid almost all the time everyone was here. Never thought I would ever get
    pets again. It’s been many years that we haven’t.
    Christopher we hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!
    We keep both of you in our prays.
    Love Grandma Mullins


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